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Just Announced - New Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate for IL- April 16th- April 25, 2010

Swapping out old appliances for new ones is a smart approach to reducing household energy bills. According to the DOE, 70% of a home’s energy consumption goes toward appliances, refrigeration, heating, cooling, and hot water.

The latest Energy Star-qualified appliances typically use one-third less energy than outdated models.The savings can be felt immediately. Trading in a refrigerator manufactured before 1993 will net an annual energy savings of $65, the DOE estimates. Replacing a washing machine made before 2000 with a new Energy Star model can save up to $135 a year. Throw in a rebate, and payback on an investment in a new appliance can come in just a few years.

Let’s say you buy an Energy Star-qualified washing machine for $750, the average price in 2009. Your state offers a $100 rebate on the purchase. Thanks to the $135 you could save annually on utility bills, the payback period could be less than five years. Not bad for an appliance that should last at least a decade.

Check out Appliance Rebate information for IL at the website:

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